Program Overview

Only 30% of leaders will be successful in their newly promoted roles. This is a direct result of the leader’s inability to connect with their team. EELP sets leaders apart. It ensures they will be a part of the 30%. EELP begins with a leader’s self-awareness and moves to applying this awareness to building strong teams and organizations.

Out of self-awareness, true leaders emerge. The EELP is an Emerging Executive Leadership Program designed to develop leaders from the inside out. This is not a theory class. Emerging executives train with successful entrepreneurs and executives who coach them in self-leadership, and developing high-performance teams. This is real-life, real-time training, so you get immediate results. EELP is a unique program that is successful by combining executive coaching, in tandem, with powerful, interactive workshops.

Phase 1

Seventy-five percent of Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council recommend self-awareness as the most important asset for a leader to develop. This is why we begin by evaluating a person’s true intrinsic and extrinsic motives, through discovering authentic leadership. We increase awareness to one’s strengths and discover the importance of:

  • emotional intelligence
  • self-management
  • relationship management
  • social awareness
  • values
  • ethics
  • goals
  • balance in processing
  • work/life integration
  • Executive Presence

We embrace a holistic approach to leadership for the leader and the organization. This approach opens a leader’s understanding to the interconnection of every department within the organization.

Phase 2

The second phase of the program focuses on leading high-performance teams and organizations. We work with leaders to engage in critical thinking and encourage their teams to do the same. We explore the best practices in:

  • delegation
  • communication
  • motivation
  • talent recruitment and retention
  • dealing with conflict
  • tough conversations
  • project management
  • managing up
  • managing different generations
  • stimulating creativity in the workplace
  • running effective meetings
  • Innovation
  • …and more!

We take pride in our approach to not give our students the answers but the tools to explore all the possible answers.

EELP consists of:

  • monthly workshops
  • individual coaching
  • group coaching
  • team and individual projects
  • leadership challenge

There are two options for EELP, On-Site(OS) or our Inter-Organizational Program (IOP). Each participant works individually and in teams. They take on a leadership challenge, they are currently facing, to focus on throughout the entire program.
The program ends with each participant writing a breakthrough-paper and presentation based of what they have learned and their leadership challenge.

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