There are two types of programs, On-Site and Inter-Organizational: both deliver quality leadership training. The On-Site program is designed for organizations wanting to achieve specific goals and to conduct their EELP in their place of business. The Inter-Organizational is designed to be held off-site at inspiring locations chosen by the MSBCoach. This year’s Nation-Wide retreat will be held in the beautiful world class city of Charlottesville, VA.

EELP On-Site Program (OSP):

MSBC will partner with you to develop a customized on-site Emerging Executive Leadership Development Program. A customized leadership program and price is available for on-site programs. The On-Site EELP is paid for by the employer.

We begin by meeting with and surveying key leaders and team members. We also create on-boarding meetings to ensure we are on the same page with the employer’s goals and intentions. We will provide individual interviews with key players, surveys with leaders and the entire team to create an overall needs assessment. With the results and data collected we develop a custom fit, on-sight EELP program for your organization’s leadership development and succession planning. On-Site or Inter-Organizational EELPs include a combination of workshops, coaching and leadership challenge (click here for program description in PDF format).

Contact us today for more information, questions or consultation info@emergingleader.info or 804-502-4319.

EELP Inter-Organizational Program (IOP):

This is a life changing, 3-month program which meets in beautiful and historic Charlottesville, VA. The IOP is excellent for pushing the leadership boundaries of each participant. They interact directly with a range of coaches and trainers with distinctive talents and points of view. This program encourages participants to collaborate outside their workplace, through connection with a variety of other organizational leaders.

The IOP offers only ten openings a session, and only one representative from each organization may participate at a time. The purpose of this is to build a trust community of like-minded executives to stimulate creativity, learn from on another and to be expanded by those who may think and process differently. It is an effective way to stretch, grow and develop lasting professional relationships.

IOP participants experience individual and group coaching sessions, workshops from world-class instructors and life-long, impactive relationship building. The IOP can be paid for individually, or in-part or in-full by the employer.

The IOP is limited to 10 participants and costs $2995 per participant. Contact us for the next IOP start date.

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