Target Candidate:


The best candidate for the EELP is a passionate, high-potential manager that wants to develop their leadership skills to higher levels. The program is best suited for people with a desire to lead themself and others toward success. This program is for individuals with management experience.

Questions to ask:

  • Are you looking for a proven way to enhance your business success, make better decisions, and learn how to turn challenges into opportunities?
  • Do you want to learn success strategies from a support team of experienced executives, business owners, and like-minded peers?
  • Are you a new, current or emerging executive leader?
  • Have you completed your MBAE or looked at MBAE programs, but still want more?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our EELP may be exactly what you are looking for. Improve your leadership skills with the collaboration of current and successful executives and entrepreneurs. We provide flexible, interactive learning assignments in a user-friendly format. All topics are applicable to issues leaders are facing today.

Other important considerations…

  • Education level. Although it is not a prerequisite, we recommend an applicant have a minimum of an undergraduate degree or equivalent from work related and/or management experience.
  • Career Goals. It is recommended that candidates have a vision for how they perceive themselves moving forward. Exercising a desire to reach higher levels of leadership, to lead out of authenticity, from a point of self-awareness is paramount to EELP’s overall purpose.
  • Time commitment. Candidates will commit to the entire On-Site or Inter-Organizational program. Participants should be prepared for a variety of creative and real-time exercises including monthly workshops, individual and group coaching, case study and team projects. The monthly time commitment will vary according to the individual, but participants can anticipate a minimum of 5 to 10 hours a month. The program length is determined by the curriculum chosen by the employer for the On-site program. The Inter-Organizational program is 90 days and is limited to 10 participants at a time.
  • Financial Commitment.

How are you known as a leader? EELP will help you develop yourself to be the leader people want to partner with.

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