Through EELP, you will see immediate return on investment. You will enhance your Executive presence The program is designed to deliver real-time results that not only benefits the participants directly, but also increases the level of success for their company, organization or business. Our participants gain an integrated perspective and are more successful in situational leadership by practicing outcome-oriented assignments.

Employers will see measurable results when they invest in the EELP, including:

  • Develop leaders now in preparation for the future
  • Develop, attract and retain the best talent
  • Reduce turn-over rate
  • Create a succession plan and a leadership legacy
  • Increase productivity level at both leadership and team levels
  • Promote innovative thinking

Plus, employers will receive:

  • Monthly individual and program summaries
  • Survey results to better understand and motivate the participating leader: DISC Personality Profile, EQ Profile, Strengths Profile, and Emergenetics
  • Built-in support team

Benefits to Participants include:

  • Enhance your business career
  • Learn with peers who share your experiences and goals
  • Build a support network of peers and mentors
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule and executive-friendly format
  • Work with user-friendly interactive workshops
  • Inspire yourself in a stimulating environment
  • Learn from real life, world class leaders
  • Get immediate real-time ROI
  • Gain an integrated perspective
  • Explore and discover new possibilities for problem solving
  • Receive ongoing monthly support
  • Enhance your Executive Presence
  • Become a more innovative Authentic Leader
  • Make better leadership decisions
  • Grow through individual and executive coaching

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