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Target Candidate:   The best candidate for the EELP is a passionate, high-potential manager that wants to develop their leadership skills to higher levels. The program is best suited for people with… Read more...

Program Overview

Only 30% of leaders will be successful in their newly promoted roles. This is a direct result of the leader’s inability to connect with their team. EELP sets leaders apart. It ensures they will be… Read more...


There are two types of programs, On-Site and Inter-Organizational: both deliver quality leadership training. The On-Site program is designed for organizations wanting to achieve specific goals and to conduct… Read more...

Build your Legacy by investing in Your Current and Future Executive Leadership.

Find out how top executives are developing their emerging leaders and building high-performance teams…

Out of self-awareness, true leaders emerge. The Emerging Executive Leadership Program (EELP) is designed to develop leaders from the inside-out. This is not a theory class. Emerging executives train with successful entrepreneurs and executives who coach them in self-leadership and developing high-performance teams. This is real-life, real-time training, producing immediate results.
Through EELP, you will see an immediate ROI (return on investment). The program is designed to deliver results that not only benefit the students directly, but they in turn help to increase the level of success for their organization. Our students gain an integrated perspective and are more successful in common affairs by practicing outcome-oriented assignments.

  • Tap into your company’s leadership potential.
  • Re-ignite your business and attract ideal clients
  • Develop and retain the best talent to meet your goals.